"I Hate Camping"


Have you ever heard anyone say "I Hate Camping"?

Believe it or not I actually have friends that have infatically told me that. I mean with more than a little vim and vigor they have expressed down right distain for even the thought of camping. One might expect something in the way of a bad experience may have happened to them at some point. I enviousioned things like being mauled by a bear or maybe a meteor falling so close it shook the ground and splatter debre upon them. Or maybe they got washed away in a flash flood. ( Almost happened to me. )


Thus when I ask them why they hate camping ( and I always do ) it is a little surprising to fine I get benine answers like these:

Without exception everything they mention is something I hate about camping too. Which is why I don't let those things happen.

This tells me the real problem is they don't know how to camp.

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