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Tent Camping - Great Family Entertainment!

Here is a sample of some things you could learn about:

There is something about camping that facilitates an alternative, more pure and less cluttered, conscious state of mind. Simply put, I just feel more alive and free when in the presence of natures ways. I can't tell you what exactly creates this state of mind. Maybe it's the awe inspiring vastness of the wilderness, the smell of the campfire smoke, or just the simplicity of warming my hands from the coffee in a tin cup. I suspect it's all those things and a lot more. However I have noticed that one must be willing to let go of their 'standard routine' in order to 'transend' to this other conscious state, so to speak.

As I'm sure you know, there are at least three general types of camping. The purest of which is backpacking, which entails parking the vehicle, grabbing the pack, and venturing forth to parts afar with all means of survival on your back. (I love backpacking!) Then there is tent camping, where the campers contents are defined by how much room they have in their car, pickup or boat. And finally, RV or tent trailer camping - where the amenities are only limited by the diesel engine the powers this moving house. Essential one could have virtually all the conveniences of home.

Generally speaking, we are not talking about any variation of RV camping on this website. Although, I do realize that some people have health issues that rule out all kinds of tent camping altogether. Still, it wouldn't surprise me if an RV'er could find a few useful tricks here too. I was very surprised to find that a good portion of my chuckbox customers were of the RV camper type. Turns out they like having an outside kitchen setup. "When it's nice outside, I want to be outside", is what they tell me.

On my websites we touch on backpacking and focus on tent camping where the only things that separates you and the elements is your wits and a thin piece of canvas. It's a place where electronic devices are taboo and the object of the game is to have only what you need. Some people call it "roughing it", but between you and me, it's not, if you know what you're doing. More importantly, it's a lesson in how to be happy with only a few amenities, something we could all stand to learn in or daily lives as those RV campers so aptly demonstrate to us every time we get behind one going up a steep hill out on the road. ;-)

Tent camping has got to be the purest form of family entertainment because it provides that opportunity to deviate from the standard every day routine and renew our relationships with one another. It seems our every day lives go from 'helter skelter hectic' to 'hoe hum boring' in a matter of minutes and this somehow buries the good side of our personalities under that blaring big screen high definition TV set or that all consuming electronic game.

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